Neck, head and shoulder pain are some of the most common problemas in modern-day life. In this MindTouch workshop, we will explore the main causes of pain, both physical and emotional, the structures and muscles this implicates, and what we can do to alleviate the pain in a simple and practical way.

You will learn techniques which are easy to carry out at any time, and tools that you can use immediately on your patients or loved ones.

We will enjoy active meditation and practice calming sessions which will take us into a deep relaxation and harmonica resonance between all of the members of the group.

MindTouch is accessible to everyone. These are very simple techniques that you can learn at any age, without necesarily having any prior knowledge of the technique.

MindTouch takes place either on the floor o on a bed, in comfortable clothing without any need for any materials.

You will be able to apply MindTouch techniques from your first session with immediate results.

LOCATION: La Casetta. Sitges.
DATE: 20th May 2017
TIME: 10h – 19h
COST: 60€
ACCOMMODATION: La Casetta also offers the option for Workshop goers to stay onsite!

A Vegetarian Meal will also be available at La Casetta for just 15€.