The MindTouch program is a journey of six sessions designed to regulate your Nervous System, calm your anxiety and connect with your inherent health. It’s the chance to reset your whole body at a physical, emotional and mental level. It will help you release the accumulated tension and stress, allowing you to remember who you really are so you can create the life you want from a state of health and joy.


There are three things a therapeutic process needs to bring about the desired results:


to allow your body and your whole system to take in the situation and integrate the changes.


Your body will only change in a space where it feels safe, and it's relax enough to surrender


Every change, every therapeutic process, needs to gather up energy to be transformed.

Having six consecutive sessions allows us to have time to make friends with the process, creating a sacred space for your whole system to feel safe, and gather up all the energy you need to change into the new you.

How does the program work?

We all have areas in our life that need more attention than others. It might be your professional life, past traumas that affect you daily, your relationships, lifestyle habits, ...

Each area will influence your body and have an effect on your physical, emotional and mental health in different ways.

With the MindTouch program we start by compassionately exploring what’s going on in the present moment, and what areas of your life need a special attention right now.

During each session we invite your body, your whole system, to show us what it needs to manifest to clear the path back to health.

In every treatment we will focus on the present moment and the message your body shares with you.


Usually, a session flows in three stages:


The first part is talk therapy, where we explore your present state, physical or emotional symptoms you might have, and what has brought you to the session.


Once we´ve stablished a possible therapeutic journey, we start the somatic work. Weather is an online session or face-to-face, we listen to the message your body has to say through biodynamic craniosacral techniques.

Here we focus on regulating your nervous system, the captain of the boat, allowing the body to integrate all the new changes that occur during the session. This is the most important part. We create a deep state of relaxation and mindfulness, so your body connects with your inherent health and its innate ability to heal.


The process doesn’t finish here. Whatever you do between visits is incredibly important for your therapeutic journey.

Once you start implementing some changes in your daily life, the limiting patterns of behavior and habits that brought you to these sessions will fade away.

This is a journey from where you are now… to where you really dream to be…

As you can see, this is teamwork! I will accompany you all the way and create the space for you to thrive, but your compromise with yourself and your healing journey are the key to success. In each session, you'll notice the transformation, how your body responds to the attention and deep listening of the MindTouch techniques.


Of course we all like to try if a therapy or therapist resonates with us…

If after talking to me you still have doubts about the MindTouch Program, you can have one session and decide if it’s for you.

If you realize this is exactly what you need, the treatment will be part of the pack of six sessions.

If on the other hand, it´s not what you were looking for, no worries…I´ll still be grateful and delighted our paths crossed, and you never know

Y nunca se sabe más adelante…

What happens after the sixth session?

During the last session we will do an evaluation of the process and decide on the next step. Everyone is different, and there are several possibilities:

When you finish the program, you feel wonderful

and the six treatments are enough right now. You want to see how it feels to just…live. Without any therapy. And that'd be great! In this case, we will set up an appointment in two months’ time to have a reset and check how everything is going.

We might decide to space the visits,

so you can still have a therapeutic space to keep going with your healing and your personal growth, but don’t need the intensity of the beginning of the process.

Your therapeutic process might need continuous attention

for a while longer and we decide to keep the regular sessions until you feel comfortable with the changes you are integrating.


If any one of these points resonate with you the time has come for you to listen to your needs, to choose yourself...


The MindTouch program will make you feel seen, listened to and valued.

You will finally address the physical, emotional or mental issues that hold you back and will feel the power to create the life you deserve, with your body as your best ally.

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