MindTouch is a connection-based healing technique that has a direct positive effect in your wellbeing. It´s a form of physical mindfulness that integrates Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy and Bodywork.


There are five main concepts that have particular relevance when you practice MindTouch

1. trust your inherent health

The life force inherent in our body has an intelligence that knows exactly what to do. The only thing we must do is get our ego out of the way as to not interfere with the process. TRUST in your inherent health. It is who you really are.

2. practice active listening

When our body feels listened to, we reclaim parts of ourselves that we have denied. Healing is REMEMBERING every part of who we really are.

3. listen without judgment

When we listen without judgment, without trying to influence the outcome, we allow the healing process to flourish and take its course. There’s nothing more liberating than listening with no judgment.


Expectations link to fear and judgment only bring disappointment. When you listen with no expectations you connect with the life force itself. This opens the door to a world of opportunities and wonder.

5. live in gratitude

Gratitude connects us with the sense of abundance, of belonging, of worthiness and safety. It gives meaning to our lives and the feeling of being nurtured by Mother Earth.

These 5 principles will deepen your experience during your practice. They will help you give meaning to the journey and anchor you back to the present moment, should you lose your way. By applying these 5 principles in your day to day, you´ll gain happiness and peace in your life.


I think connection is the basis of all happiness. There´s nothing more healing than human touch and what you transmit through touch is always your truth.

I have created MindTouch to remind you of the healing power in your hands, to give you back the sense of wellbeing in your inner home.

MindTouch is the perfect practice when you need to stop and let yourself be embraced by the feeling that “you’ve come home”. When you remember your soul is not in a hurry and the truth in you can never be hurt.

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